• Kelhis® Silicone Ziplock Food Bag


    ☑️ Freshness Date Dial, Write on it!, Measuring ruler, Large size 1350ml
    ☑️ Leakproof ziptop bag with easy to open airtight seal perfect for storing food, travelling, sports.
    ☑️ Food grade silicone storage, FDA approved, odourless, BPA and lead free, without PVC.
    ☑️ Endlessly reusable bag, 100% recyclable food storage.
    ☑️ -40C to 200C: Dishwasher & microwave safe, Fridge friendly, Stands up alone. 

  • Magnetic Anti-Freeze Car Windshield Cover


    Premium Anti-Ice Windscreen Cover is built to last! This snow cover is designed with high quality, heavy-duty and high-level PVC fabric that is a 4-layer material making it waterproof, dust-proof, sun-proof and frost-proof. The straps of the Snow Cover buckle inside of your car providing a more super secure fitting that is both windproof and theftproof. 

    ☑️8 powerful magnets to hold the snow cover in place even on windy days. 

    ☑️Protects against snow, hail, frost, ice, rain, dust, and UV rays.

    ☑️No more being late to work, no more late school drop-offs, no more freezing hands.

    ☑️Double flaps and mirror straps for a secure fit that won't tear or come loose with the wind.

    ☑️Sizes available to fit any vehicle: Normal size: 125cm x 148cm or SUV Size: 130cm x 160cm

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    Buy 2 20% OFF
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  • Fscool® Air Vent Clip Fragrance Diffuser for Personal Aroma


    Tired of dancing to another smell? Create your own atmosphere with the Fscool® Air Vent Clip system by applying your favourite fragrance or chemical-free essential oils to the special scent stick. Make your ride smelling delightful!

    ☑️ The Fscool® Air Vent Clip holder fits perfectly into your choice of air vents.

    ☑️ Easy to use: Apply your favourite fragrance to the scent stick, load it into diffuser and attach to car vent clip.

    ☑️ Eco product: Special chemical free wooden stick is used as natural absorbent.

    ☑️ Excellent quality: Durable, car friendly, comfortable to touch, smooth surface.

    ☑️ Modern design: Minimalistic clip with the choice of 6 different colours will match the interior and add a modern touch to your car.

    ☑️ Package includes: 1 air vent clip and 1 replaceable scent stick.

    Buy 3 or more Fscool® Air Vent Clips and get a discount!