Fscool® Air Vent Clip Fragrance Diffuser for Personal Aroma


Tired of dancing to another smell? Create your own atmosphere with the Fscool® Air Vent Clip system by applying your favourite fragrance or chemical-free essential oils to the special scent stick. Make your ride smelling delightful!

☑️ The Fscool® Air Vent Clip holder fits perfectly into your choice of air vents.

☑️ Easy to use: Apply your favourite fragrance to the scent stick, load it into diffuser and attach to car vent clip.

☑️ Eco product: Special chemical free wooden stick is used as natural absorbent.

☑️ Excellent quality: Durable, car friendly, comfortable to touch, smooth surface.

☑️ Modern design: Minimalistic clip with the choice of 6 different colours will match the interior and add a modern touch to your car.

☑️ Package includes: 1 air vent clip and 1 replaceable scent stick.

Buy 3 or more Fscool® Air Vent Clips and get a discount!


What is it?

It’s like «Netflix for Perfume in your car» – chose your own favorite scents, use selection of fragrances you like, change fragrance whenever you like. Stop spending money for nothing, as now you can add scent exactly when you need it.  

How does it work?

Just spray your perfume on an aroma base and be sure it stays there for up to 7 days. Renew the same scent whenever you need it or apply some other scent without even rinsing. 

Why is it so popular?

Do not be dependent on an annoying regular air-freshener aroma, you are bored and tired of. Try this novelty and must-have of 2020 and express yourself in an authentic way. 

Who is it for?

For the ones whose motto is "My signature is my scent!"

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