Kelhis® Reflective Easy Breathing Mask (Pack of 3 Face Masks)

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Make yourself more visible to drivers. Reflective face masks made for night time walkers, runners and cyclist. You can use it for extra security along with running vest, light jacket or other reflective clothing or lights.

Kelhis FaceMask is made from highly elastic material. Ideal for everyday use, this 9-gram face mask lets you breathe normally unlike other facial mask. The premium material guards against skin irritation and gives you an ultra-soft wearing experience.

It’s super easy to wash and you don’t need to iron it - the material doesn’t wrinkle both during storage and after washing. It literally dries in 30 seconds and is just like new.

This stylish mask is perfect for fashionable women. This cute face covering suits all outfits, it’s skin-friendly, and breathable.

☑️ Double Layer Filter Blocks Harmful Air Particles

Why should I use it?

Wearing the Reflection Mask helps you become visible on the road to oncoming drivers.

Your mask will catch any light movement, and will reflect back to show your presence to prevent accidents and deaths.

Extremely Lightweight And Comfortable to Wear

Most Comfortable Fit

Our odourless lightweight face mask is made of high-quality soft material for top comfort.

Highest Breathability

The advanced tech PU material promotes easy breathing without allowing harmful air particles to enter.

Washable and Reusable

Washable and can be repeatedly worn. The double-layered face mask is foldable so that you can put it in your pocket and bring it anywhere.

How does it work?

Check out the image below where we demonstrate the distances in visibility with and without a reflector, using either low or high beams.

Not a medical device; Not to be used for medical purposes.

Specific References

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