LED Pet Motion Rolling Ball

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The LED Pet Motion Rolling Ball is a new automatic toy that can help alleviate boredom and separation anxiety with your pets. It helps prevents boredom and loneliness when you're away and unwanted destructive behavior due to boredom or anxiousness.

☑️A built-in collision sensor that automatically avoids obstacles.

☑️Waterproof, so it can be played on the ground or in water. 

☑️360 degrees rolling in different directions, with colorful lights.

☑️Ball diameter is about 68mm/2.68in.

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A Perfect Companion For Your Pet

The LED Pet Motion Rolling Ball has been designed to eliminate your pet's feeling of loneliness and boredom while your away. It gives them fun and interaction for up to 8 hours with intermittent rest. 

Chew Resistant

The inner layer is made of PC with relatively high hardness. The outer layer is TPU, which is soft but also has a protective effect for pets. It withstands biting, gnawing, chewing and scratching.

Waterproof and Durable

The LED Pet Motion Rolling Ball is waterproof and can be soaked in water or even run directly underwater. Now you can play with your puppy in water, bathtub or pool as well.

Wide Range Of Play Modes

Features 3 reaction modes and intelligent companion mode, as well as snack reward and obstacle avoidance system. It has an automatic rotation mode to make things interesting for your pet, plus it has built-in sensory to jump away from any obstacles. 

Recharge And Let Your Pet Play Again and Again!

The LED Pet Motion Rolling Ball can interact with pets for up to 8 hours with intermittent rest. Simply recharge the ball with the included USB cable for it to be ready for your loving pet to play day after day. 


USB charging data cable X 1

Instruction manual X 1

Color: Green, Blue, Yellow

Shipping & Delivery

Due to the high demand for the LED Pet Motion Rolling Ball shipping will take 5-13 business days. We do provide a tracking code as well so you can check up on your delivery. 


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