¡Consigue tu sorpresa semanal! Productos de estilo de vida geniales y de calidad prémium de marcas internacionales únicas.

  • Kelhis® Cubrezapatos impermeables prémium

    7,57 € 15,13 €


    ☑️ Protege de la lluvia, el lodo, el polvo, el aguanieve y la nieve. 

    ☑️ Suelas antideslizantes para ayudar a prevenir resbalones accidentales. 

    ☑️ Hechas de silicona resistente al agua y a prueba de fugas. 

  • Bolsas de comida con cierre de silicona Kelhis®

    8,96 €

    ☑️ Marcación de fecha para registrar la frescura, ¡escribe en ella!, regla de medición, tamaño grande de 1350 ml
    ☑️ Bolsa con cierre a prueba de derrames y con cierre hermético fácil de abrir, perfecta para almacenar comida, viajes y deportes
    ☑️ Almacenamiento de silicona de grado alimenticio, aprobado por la FDA, inodoro, sin BPA ni plomo
    ☑️ Bolsa reutilizable infinitas veces, almacenamiento para alimentos 100% reciclable
    ☑️ -40 °C a 200 °C: Apta para introducirse en lavavajillas y microondas, apta para almacenarse en la nevera, se mantiene sola de pie

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  • Kelhis® Collapsible Food Container

    12,82 €

    Kelhis® Silicone Collapsible Food Storage Containers  with leak proof lids are made of premium food-grade silicone that are durable, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and temperature resistant.  

    - Collapsible to save 60% space

    - Leak proof

    - Microwave, dishwasher safe

    - Odorless, tasteless

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  • La Bolsa de alimentos de silicona Kelhis® con clips de...

    9,85 €

    La Bolsa de alimentos de silicona Kelhis® con clips de sellado a prueba de fugas está hecha de silicona de grado alimenticio premium que es duradera, no tóxica, ecológica y resistente a la temperatura. 

    Son una alternativa perfecta y saludable al plástico: una bolsa se puede usar sin fin. ¡Una solución simplemente mejor para ti y el planeta! Los clips de sellado a prueba de fugas bloquean los sabores a la vez que evitan fugas, derrames, bacterias, olores y quemaduras en el congelador.

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  • Anti-Slip Shoe Grips with Spike Soles

    5,75 €
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  • Beanie Hat Built-In Bluetooth Headphones

    24,20 €

    Bluetooth Hat is a premium knitted beanie with dual speakers, plus a built-in microphone so you can enjoy up to 12 hours of wireless music and phone calls. Compatible with all iPhones, iPads and Smartphone devices. You get 10-12 hours of talking/playing time and 60 hours standby time with only 1.5-2 hours charging time.

    ☑️Built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls.

    ☑️Wireless range up to 33-65 feet / 10-20 meters.

    ☑️Listen to music, audiobooks, answer/end phone calls.

    ☑️Premium knitted material and unisex style.

  • LED Pet Motion Rolling Ball

    43,99 €

    The LED Pet Motion Rolling Ball is a new automatic toy that can help alleviate boredom and separation anxiety with your pets. It helps prevents boredom and loneliness when you're away and unwanted destructive behavior due to boredom or anxiousness.

    ☑️A built-in collision sensor that automatically avoids obstacles.

    ☑️Waterproof, so it can be played on the ground or in water. 

    ☑️360 degrees rolling in different directions, with colorful lights.

    ☑️Ball diameter is about 68mm/2.68in.

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  • Rapid Food Defrosting Tray

    16,33 €

    Wave goodbye to defrosting frozen food hours in advance! The Rapid Food Defrosting Tray is a safe and easy way to defrost frozen food! Thaw chicken breasts, steak, pork chops, lamb chops in minutes. Simply place frozen food onto the tray and it will defrost up to faster than at room temperature.

    ☑️ No chemicals or electricity used.

    ☑️ Stays cool to the touch throughout, no pre-heating.

    ☑️ Defrosts food 10 times faster.

    ☑️ Premium quality

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  • Pet Electric Heating Pad Bed

    24,99 €

    The adjustable electrical pet heating pad provides a warm and soothing place for your pet to sit or sleep when uncomfortably chilly days or nights. This warm mat is ideal for newborn pups and kittens also nice for the older pets to lay on especially when they suffer from aches and pains. A pet heating pad is a perfect way to guarantee there’s a cozy place for them, whatever the weather.

    ☑️Power-off protection temperature control.

    ☑️Waterproof and moisture-proof.

    ☑️Chew resistant cord for pet safety. 

    ☑️Low voltage for low electrical consumption.

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  • Earebel Headwear with Bluetooth Headphones (unisex)

    24,90 €

    Earebel is the combination of high-end and first-class sounding Bluetooth Headphones and high-quality headwear.

    Choose your headwear style and color. Earebel Bluetooth headphones are included. 

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  • Magnetic Anti-Freeze Car Windshield Cover

    29,80 €

    Premium Anti-Ice Windscreen Cover is built to last! This snow cover is designed with high quality, heavy-duty and high-level PVC fabric that is a 4-layer material making it waterproof, dust-proof, sun-proof and frost-proof. The straps of the Snow Cover buckle inside of your car providing a more super secure fitting that is both windproof and theftproof. 

    ☑️8 powerful magnets to hold the snow cover in place even on windy days. 

    ☑️Protects against snow, hail, frost, ice, rain, dust, and UV rays.

    ☑️No more being late to work, no more late school drop-offs, no more freezing hands.

    ☑️Double flaps and mirror straps for a secure fit that won't tear or come loose with the wind.

    ☑️Sizes available to fit any vehicle: Normal size: 125cm x 148cm or SUV Size: 130cm x 160cm

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  • Infrared USB Heating Vest (unisex)

    38,99 €

    This USB heated vest is designed for all outdoor and cold weather activities! Choose your perfect temperature that lasts up to 8 hours. 

    Please check the size chart. We suggest two sizes bigger to best match EU sizes.

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¡Consigue tu sorpresa semanal! Productos de estilo de vida geniales y de calidad prémium de marcas internacionales únicas.