• Kelhis® Vodootporne navlake za cipele

    7,57 € 15,13 €

    Kelhis je dizajnirao praktične vodonepropusne navlake za cipele, izrađene od ekološkog silikona koji jamči da voda, prašina i ostale ružne stvari neće zaprljati vaše cipele!

    ☑️ Štiti od kiše, blata, prašine, bljuzgavice i snijega.

    ☑️ Navlake sa zaštitom od proklizavanja kako bi se spriječilo nenamjerno proklizavanje.

    ☑️ Izrađeno od silikona otpornog na vodu i curenje.

  • Beanie Hat Built-In Bluetooth Headphones

    14,20 €

    Bluetooth Hat is a premium knitted beanie with dual speakers, plus a built-in microphone so you can enjoy up to 12 hours of wireless music and phone calls. Compatible with all iPhones, iPads and Smartphone devices. You get 10-12 hours of talking/playing time and 60 hours standby time with only 1.5-2 hours charging time.

    ☑️Built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls.

    ☑️Wireless range up to 33-65 feet / 10-20 meters.

    ☑️Listen to music, audiobooks, answer/end phone calls.

    ☑️Premium knitted material and unisex style.

  • Earebel Headwear with Bluetooth Headphones (unisex)

    24,90 €

    Earebel is the combination of high-end and first-class sounding Bluetooth Headphones and high-quality headwear.

    Choose your headwear style and color. Earebel Bluetooth headphones are included. 

  • Infrared USB Heating Vest (unisex)

    38,99 €

    This USB heated vest is designed for all outdoor and cold weather activities! Choose your perfect temperature that lasts up to 8 hours. 

    Please check the size chart. We suggest two sizes bigger to best match EU sizes.

    Buy 2 or more and get a discount!

  • Non-Electric Portable Blender (stainless steel)

    14,99 €

    The Non-Electric Portable Blender is the perfect shaker and mixer! The lid is a snap-on, spill-resistant flip-top lid. The blades that are inside the bottle are stainless steel. It is perfect to make shakes, salsa or smoothies on the go! 

    Buy 2 or more and get a discount!

  • Cordless 4-in-1 Electric Shoe Polisher

    12,70 €

    This cordless 4-in-1 Electric Shoe Polisher provides quick, easy and clean care for all kinds of shoes, bags and other leather and different fabrics care.

  • Portable Air Purifier

    25,99 €
  • FlexiStick® organizator prtljažnika za automobil

    24,99 €

    ☑️ Jednostavno organiziranje prtljažnika automobila, drži se u bilo kojem položaju
    ☑️ Držite bilo koji predmet u prtljažniku
    ☑️ Kompaktan i pogodan za tepihe
    ☑️ Dostawa z Holandii