Urban Mask with Carbon Filter & Dual Valves

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☑️ Blocks 95% of Air Pathogens
☑️ Washable and Reusable
☑️ Valve Ventilation System
☑️ Adjustable Velcro One-Size Fits All
☑️ Airtight Adjustable 360-Seal
☑️ Lightweight and Comfortable All-Day Wear

Blocks 95% of Air Pathogens

All Getzor® certified masks prevent spreading germs and when combined with the replacement PM2.5 carbon filters, you get the highest degree of protection.

The Getzor® PM2.5 activated carbon filter has the same filtration level as an N95 or FFP2 mask. It effectively blocks 95% of the particulate matters of only 0.3 microns in diameter such as dust, germs, allergens, smoke, pollution, ash, pollen. It also protects you from wind, cold, fog, and haze, vehicle exhaust, passive smoking, etc. 

Washable and Reusable

The Getzor® Mask is reusable as it does not degrade easily. To wash, simply remove the interior filter, use cold water and anti-bacterial soap, and let it air dry. If you use the additional disposable PM2.5 filter, replace it after 1-2 weeks of occasional use.

Valve Ventilation System

The exhalation valves on the Getzor mask are designed to act as a ventilation system. When you breathe, the valves are transporting out the exhaled air to prevent the mask from becoming warm and moist. The valves are designed to only transport out the exhaled air, and not let any unfiltered air to sneak in.

Adjustable Velcro One-Size Fits All

The adjustable velcro head strap provides more comfort, more secure protection for full-face coverage, and prevents the mask from slipping off. The U-shaped design increases your mouth and jaw comfort while not affecting your speech. Its circumference size ranges from 21in to 25in (54cm to 64cm), making a perfect fit for all head sizes.

Airtight Adjustable 360-Seal

The Getzor® Mask ensures a 360-degree seal with the adjustable nose clip helps block circulating air pathogens from entering easily the nose and mouth region with its fitted coverage. It also prevents released air to flow upwards towards the eyes, and prevents lens fogging, if you wear glasses. 

Extremely Lightweight And Comfortable All-Day Wear

The Getzor® Mask has a lightweight mesh pattern that doesn't pressure or digs into your face and leaves marks. You can comfortably wear it for 8+ hours during work and outdoor activities. 

Premium Getzor® Quality

The Getzor® Reusable Mask holds a CE EN149 certificate, as well as passed stringent international tests for approval of consumer protection. It's made of premium quality materials to ensure you are provided with utmost excellent protection, superior breathing-ability, and extra comfort around the face. 


Material: Nylon mesh fabric, activated carbon filter

Size: One size fits all, 21in to 25in / 54cm to 64cm

Package: 1 Getzor Urban Mask + 1 PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filter

What Getzor® Customers Say...

Not a medical device; Not to be used for medical purposes.

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