Go.C: Personal Wearable Hand Sanitizer


☑️ Minimalistic and stylish design

☑️ Made of eco-friendly materials

☑️ Convenient and easy to use


Nowadays hand sanitizers is an essential for your everyday life in regards to your health and safety. Having your personal hand sanitizer be a burden when it’s needed the most isn’t very convenient. Go.C sanitizer is designed to keep your health in mind while not weighing you down.

How it works

The Go.C Sanitizer is a new contraption that allows you to hang your hand sanitizer directly at your beltline. Within the Go.C Sanitizer container, you’ll find a refillable tank of sanitizer that connects to a spraying device.

Keep your Go.C within reach – attach Go.C to your belt, pocket, or bag for fast and efficient hygiene, and protection.

When you press the silicone button with your thumb, the Go.C Sanitizer will spray the optimal amount of sanitizer right into your palm, thereby letting you distribute sanitizer in an easy and efficient way while still avoiding any possibility of contamination.


Recycled plastic – Environmentally-conscious use of recycled plastic contributes to reducing waste on our precious planet Earth. By using Go.C, you reuse old plastic and prevent new plastic from entering the waste cycle.


Size: 3.74″x1.97″x1.18″ (95x50x30 mm)

Liquid volume: 1.12 oz (33 ml)

Case material: plastic resistant to alcohol, without painting

Button and tube material: hypoallergenic silicone

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