Kelhis® Collapsible Food Container


Kelhis® Silicone Collapsible Food Storage Containers  with leak proof lids are made of premium food-grade silicone that are durable, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and temperature resistant.

– Collapsible to save 60% space

– Leak proof

– Microwave, dishwasher safe

– Odorless, tasteless


Kelhis stackable silicone collapsible container set is just what you need for kids lunch boxes, food leftovers and storage. Each container is perfectly engineered to keep dry or wet foods like cereal, fruits, vegetables, and even baby food fresh.

These eco-friendly and non-toxic containers are extremely versatile: Collapsible, stackable and colour-coded food storage containers that turn your kitchen into an organized and stress-free heaven..

Keeps Your Fridge & Kitchen Organized

Are you sick of a messy fridge and kitchen? These stackable silicone collapsible containers  are here to keep everything neat and organized. Now you can enjoy a clutter-free and tidy kitchen every day!

Safe Eco-Friendly & Certified Food Grade Silicone 

These eco-friendly food containers contain NO BPA, NO PVC, NO phthalates, NO petroleum, and are latex free. The container lid covers’ closure preserves and extends the freshness of your food for healthy nutrition, money-saving and less food waste.

Kelhis eco-friendly decorative small and large leak proof containers come in blue, green, yellow, and red fun colors. Designed with snap on clear locking lids and an air vent for convenient and safe microwave heating.

Collapsible & Stackable for Easy Storage

Pack your food directly into Kelhis healthy collapsible food containers, refrigerate or freeze, marinate, or microwave to reheat.

These collapsible silicone containers conveniently collapse to 1/3 of its size, for ultra-easy carrying and storage whether you’re at home, in the office, on a boat, in your caravan or on top of a mountain.

Reusable + Keeps Food Fresh = Saves You Money 

Can you imagine how much food and plastic containers we throw away each day? These handy food bags are reusable, recyclable and our airtight lids extend the life of your food. They have been created to promote ZERO WASTE. Every one of us can contribute to helping our earth by doing one little step!


– Material: Food-grade premium silicone and plastic

– Dimensions:

– Small Container (350ml) : 13.5cm x 10cm x 3cm (folded), 13.5cm x 10cm x 6.5cm, 10.5oz (expanded)

– Medium Container (500ml) : 16.5cm x 11cm x 3cm (folded), 16.5cm x 11cm x 6.5cm, 18oz (expanded)

– Large Container (800ml) : 19cm x 12.5cm x3.5cm (folded), 19cm x 12.5cm x7.5cm, 26oz (expanded)

– Extra-Large Container (1200ml) : 21.5cm x 14cm x 3.5cm (folded), 21.5cm x 14cm x 8cm, 43oz (expanded)

– Colors: Green, blue, red, yellow, pink, light blue


Due to the high demand of Kelhis silicone storage bags, shipping will take 5-13 business days. We do provide a tracking code as well so you can check up on your delivery.

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1200ml, 1600ml, 350ml, 500ml, 800ml