Kelhis® Waterproof Shoe Covers


Protect your shoes from direct contact with germ-infected surfaces, nasty bacteria, and viruses.


Your shoes will stay dry. Guaranteed.

Kelhis® is a Singaporean brand that specializes in premium quality waterproof shoe covers for women and men. These unique shoe covers are made from a high-quality silicone material that’s 100% waterproof and leakproof guaranteed. They’re the perfect solution when you come across puddles, unpredictable rain showers, mud, and anything that may dirty your shoes.

These waterproof shoe covers are made of a durable and ultra elastic silicone that is eco-friendly, plus no smell of rubber! They’re long-lasting so you can rinse and wear them up to 2000 times!


Fantastic waterproof, protective, durable, non-slip shoe covers for women, men, and children. Don’t worry about rain, dust or mud ruining your precious shoes.

These premium reusable shoe covers are perfect for protecting your shoes when you’re motorcycle riding, cycling, climbing, walking in the rain, and other outdoor activities.


Our elastic shoe covers are made of high-quality waterproof silicone material from Singapore. They are 100% leakproof, durable and are equipped at keeping shoes dry and comfortable through rain, slush, mud, and more!

Durable & Reusable

Our silicone shoe covers are made of 100% premium non-toxic silicone rubber. They are sturdy and can be comfortably be worn for up to 2000 times. 

Anti-Slip Grip

Waterproof shoe covers made of high-quality non-toxic silicone material.  The bottom of the shoe cover has a non-slip pattern to help increase friction with the ground and protect you from slipping.

Flexible & Portable

Simply fold the waterproof shoe covers to store them in your wallet or bag. They don’t take up space, easy to carry, and perfectly fit everywhere with their elastic design. 

Easy to Wear

Simply stretch the elastic shoe cover over your shoe and you’re ready to go. The waterproof silicone shoe covers come in small, medium, or large sizes to fit most standard shoe sizes.

Stylish & Practical

These waterproof shoe covers are designed to be not only 100% leakproof but also fashionable and reusable. The transparent elastic covers won’t hide your shoes and are easily cleaned. 

Small & Lightweight

Waterproof shoe covers are lightweight and foldable. They take up only a little space and easily stores in your luggage.


  • – 100% Brand new
  • – Material: High-quality silicone
  • – Made in Singapore
  • – Product size:  S (32-34) 20.9 cm/8.2 in, M (35-39) 25 cm/9.8 in, L (40-45) 29 cm/11.4 in, XL (46-50) 32 cm/12.6 in
  • – Product weight: 70-130g
  • – Color: White, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Violet, and Yellow

** Please review our size chart before placing your order to ensure you choose the best size.  Please order one size bigger if you’re wearing heavy shoes with thick sole.

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