• Leak-proof Lunch Box

    26,60 €

    ☑️  Premium food-grade materials

    ☑️  Compartment for cutleries

    ☑️  Microwave and Freezer friendly

    ☑️  Leak-proof lid

    ☑️  Stylish and compact

  • Measuring Scale Spoon With Led Display

    29,42 €

    ☑️ High-quality durable materials

    ☑️ Multiple measuring units

    ☑️ Easy to clean

    ☑️ Long-lasting battery life

  • Non-Electric Portable Blender (stainless steel)

    14,99 €

    The Non-Electric Portable Blender is the perfect shaker and mixer! The lid is a snap-on, spill-resistant flip-top lid. The blades that are inside the bottle are stainless steel. It is perfect to make shakes, salsa or smoothies on the go! 

    Buy 2 or more and get a discount!

    Slut i Lager
  • Rapid Food Defrosting Tray

    16,33 €

    Wave goodbye to defrosting frozen food hours in advance! The Rapid Food Defrosting Tray is a safe and easy way to defrost frozen food! Thaw chicken breasts, steak, pork chops, lamb chops in minutes. Simply place frozen food onto the tray and it will defrost up to faster than at room temperature.

    ☑️ No chemicals or electricity used.

    ☑️ Stays cool to the touch throughout, no pre-heating.

    ☑️ Defrosts food 10 times faster.

    ☑️ Premium quality

    Buy 2 or more and get a discount!

  • Simple Houseware Kitchen Pan Organizer

    20,47 €

    ☑️ 5-layers Stainless Steel Pan Organizer

    ☑️Sturdy Metal construction

  • Smart Coffee Warmer

    28,96 €

    ☑️Easy to use

    ☑️Waterproof design

    ☑️Safe & Reliable

    ☑️Suitable for most cups

  • Smart kitchen scale

    49,28 €

    ☑️ Easy To Use

    ☑️ Bluetooth APP 

    ☑️ Mini electronic scale

    ☑️ LED digital display

  • Spades Bottle Opener

    15,45 €

    ☑️  High quality stainless steel

    ☑️  Lightweight and practical

    ☑️  High-end touch

    ☑️  Credit card size, easy to store in wallet or pocket

  • Two-in-One Drain Bowl

    24,96 €

    ☑️ Multifunctional and Stylish

    ☑️ High quality food-grade materials

    ☑️ Convenient grip