• 3 in 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger


    ☑️ Wireless Charging Stand

    ☑️ QI Certification and Safety Control

    ☑️ Vertical and horizontal charging and drop-friendly

  • 4 pcs/set Silicone Chair Leg Floor Protectors


    ☑️Fit Various of furniture feet


    ☑️Simple to use

  • 400ml Portable Electric Kettles Thermal Cup Make tea...


    ☑️ Unique Design

    ☑️ Easy to Clean

    ☑️ Safe to use

    ☑️ Large Capacity & Portability

  • Air Humidifier


    ☑️Large water tank capacity, no need to add water constantly, great for using at night.

    ☑️Unique appearance

  • Art Easy Drawing Sketching Tool


    ☑️ Practical drawing board - It is very convenient and easy to use.

    ☑️ The reflection allows you to trace or draw any masterpiece more easily anytime.

    ☑️ Helps develop hand-eye coordination and basic drawing skills.

    ☑️ You can adjust the brightness of your phone or tablet to get the desired effect of the drawing picture.

  • Bag Sealing Clip With Nozzle


    ☑️ High-quality food-grade materials

    ☑️ Tight sealing for bags

    ☑️ Large nozzle diameter for different types of food

    ☑️ Safe for dishwasher and refrigerator 

  • Cell Phone Camera Lens 2 in 1


    ☑️  2 in 1 Lens Kit 

    ☑️ Crafted with aluminum alloy and multi-element coated glass to minimize ghosting, reflections, lens flare, and other artifacts.

    ☑️ Detachable soft rubber clip is easy to adjust and won't leave any scratches or marks on your mobile device.

  • Charging Bull and Bear Bronze Statue


    ☑️ High-quality material

    ☑️ Detailed artwork

    ☑️ Elegant and solid

  • Clean-n-Fresh Cleaning Rubber Gel


    ☑️ Multi-purpose 

    ☑️ Eco-friendly materials

    ☑️ Storage box for easy storing

    ☑️ Long-lasting usage

    Stokta yok
  • Cosmetic Storage Box Organizer


    ☑️Non-slip foot pad

    ☑️Double-layer design

  • Cute Expressions Alarm Clock


    ☑️ Cute and stylish design

    ☑️ Emoji expressions on screen

    ☑️ Long-lasting battery life

    ☑️ Voice-control function

  • Cute Mini Desktop Trash Bin


    ☑️ Compact and stylish

    ☑️ Touch-control lid

    ☑️ Hidden trash bags

    ☑️ Non-slip design