Wickedbone Smart Chewing Bone Pet Toy


☑️ App controlled smart toy

☑️ Automatic mode

☑️ Premium safe and strong materials

☑️ Long battery life

App controlled smart toy

Link and control Wickedbone Smart Chewing Bone Dog Toy via the Wickedbone App (available for iOS and Android). Download and install the Wickedbone App, open the App, touch device with your smartphone, click the connection button, and you can complete the connection with the toy, simple and convenient. 

In Drive mode, you can control the Wickedbone through the App, and move it with its virtual joystick, choosing between 9 available motions.

In the Interactive mode, Wickedbone attracts your dog’s attention and does not requires manual operations. Wickedbone acts responsively to types of touch, that keeps up with your dog’s mood and reactions.

Premium safe and strong materials

Wickedbone is made of FDA class material, which is safe for your pet. Scratches resistant, durable and strong.

Tires of the device are removable, easy to clean and replace them.

Long battery life

Wickedbone Smart Toy is charged with Micro USB cable. Full charge takes 1 hour and battery lasts for 40 minutes in Drive mode, 4 hours in Interactive mode and over 3 months in sleep mode.



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