Hey there, valued member!

Got a question, a quirky comment, or just feeling chatty? We’re all ears! Well, virtual ears… because, you see, we’re all about that email life at Surprise Club.

Why only email, you ask?

Three top-secret reasons:

  1. We’ve scientifically proven that keyboards produce 99.9% less germs than phones. 🦠🚫
  2. Our customer support team is actually a group of typing ninjas; they’ve mastered the art of email support to solve your queries faster than you can say “Surprise!”.
  3. Telephones? Aren’t those relics from the 1900s? We thought everyone was telepathic now!

Jokes aside, we genuinely find that email is the most effective and efficient way to address your concerns and ensure you have a written record of our communication. Plus, it saves you from those awkward silences on the phone (you’re welcome).

So, hit us up at [email protected]. We promise to get back to you faster than a cat meme goes viral. But, seriously, give us a day or two – perfection takes time!

Cheers to no-hold music and swift email replies!

Your pals, Surprise Club 🛒🎉