Kelhis® Silicone Ziplock Food Bag


☑️ BPA free, made of non-toxic, odorless

☑️ New 2020 design is bigger, with improved easy seal

☑️ 100% Leakproof and no spillage

☑️ Heat and freezer resistant

☑️ No leeching harmful chemicals onto food

☑️ Prevents bacteria, odors, and freezer burn


The Only Ziplock Storage Bags You’ll Ever Need

Package your food using Kelhis® airtight food-grade silicone storage bags that can be placed in the freezer or in the microwave. Their heat resistant temperatures range from -40F to 392F / -40C to 200C, which makes them 100% safe when it comes to heating or freezing any foods!

Keeps Your Fridge & Kitchen Organized

Sick of a messy fridge and kitchen? Kelhis® silicone storage bags are here to keep everything neat and organized. Now you can enjoy a clutter-free and tidy kitchen every day!


Safe Eco-Friendly & Certified Food Grade Silicone

Kelhis® eco-friendly food bags contain NO BPA, NO PVC, NO phthalates, NO petroleum, and are plastic-free and latex-free. The hermetically sealed closure preserves and extends the freshness of your food for healthy nutrition, money-saving, and less food waste.

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Airtight Silicone Food Storage Bags

Pack your food directly into Kelhis® silicone storage bags at the grocery store, refrigerate or freeze, marinate before cooking, microwave or boil, reheat, even eat out of. And, of course, save your leftovers for lunch at work.

Reusable + Keeps Food Fresh = Saves You Money

Imagine how much food and plastic bags we throw away each day? Kelhis® handy food bags are designed with calendar dial to help you stay organized about your food’s freshness. Kelhis® bags are reusable, recyclable and our hermetic airtight seal extends the life of your food.


– Material: Food grade premium silicone

– Size: 1300ml

– Dimensions: 23 cm x 17.5 cm

– Colors: Blue, green, red, white

Shipping & Delivery

Kelhis silicone storage bags ship in 2-5 business days for EU locations, and 5-13 business days for other locations.

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