Magnetic Anti-Freeze Car Windshield Cover

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Premium Anti-Ice Windscreen Cover is built to last! This snow cover is designed with high quality, heavy-duty and high-level PVC fabric that is a 4-layer material making it waterproof, dust-proof, sun-proof and frost-proof. The straps of the Snow Cover buckle inside of your car providing a more super secure fitting that is both windproof and theftproof.

☑️8 powerful magnets to hold the snow cover in place even on windy days.
☑️Protects against snow, hail, frost, ice, rain, dust, and UV rays.
☑️No more being late to work, no more late school drop-offs, no more freezing hands.
☑️Double flaps and mirror straps for a secure fit that won’t tear or come loose with the wind.
☑️Sizes available to fit any vehicle: Normal size: 125cm x 148cm or SUV Size: 130cm x 160cm

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Say Goodbye to Freezing Hands and Frozen Windshields

Before the snow comes down this winter place Premium Windshield Cover over your car’s windscreen, tuck the flaps in each door, and shake it off when getting into your car to remove the snow build up. One simple pull of the cover and watch all the snow simply fall off saving you time and effort allowing you to simply get in your car and drive away safely.

8 Fixed Placed Magnets

The windshield snow protector uses 8 magnets to attach evenly around your windshield and two windproof belts on each side to help attach this cover firmly. There are three of these magnets that hold the front part of the car in place and there are 4 reinforced magnets on the top of the car. These magnets are covered in rubber and are sealed inside the lining of the fabric, so there is no direct metal contact with your car and no scratching!

Snow Frost Guard – Multi-Use Windshield Cover

Keep your car’s windscreen protected from heavy snow, frost, ice, sleet, slush, hail, snowstorms during harsh weather conditions. Premium Anti-Ice Windscreen Cover is the ultimate time-saver if you hate wasting 20 to 30 minutes cleaning snow and ice off your car’s windscreen. It also gives 100% coverage in blocking out the sun…unlike an inner windshield cover which leaves gaps and openings for the sun to come through. Use it as a sunshade, as well as to keep leaves, grass, bird poop, and other annoying debris off your windshield.

No More Scraping or Scratching Your Windscreen

When your windshield cover is covered with heavy snow or ice, you can just tug off the snow cover. You’ll avoid freezing your hands and save time cleaning your car windscreen every day! The Magnetic Windshield Snow Cover is fitted with 8 movable magnets that provide an extra grip to the windshield preventing the wind blowing off the windscreen cover. Kept it on overnight or all day and you’ll see how all the snow comes off easily with a simple tug – and your windshield won’t need any scraping.

Durable Material for Premium Protection

Premium Anti-Ice Windscreen Cover is very high quality, durable, and looks great too (your neighbors will surely compliment it). It’s not a piece of plastic or foil that will be destroyed in a month and won’t survive for just one season. It’s a very heavy duty material that is composed of 4 layers to provide your windshield ultimate protection yet light enough for you to install and store in your car. There are attached elastic bands that are very sturdy and they fit over the side mirrors on both sides of the car for additional windproof security.

Easy and Quick to Install – No More Wasting Time Scraping

Just place each flap inside the front door and make sure it’s well stretched over the windshield…and done. The magnets in the outer lining help secure a snug fit around your windscreen without you having to put much strength to secure it.  To take it off the windshield, simply pull to slide it off, then shake it out, and fold it up. If you want to turn on your car to warm it up first, it’s perfectly safe to do so with the snow cover still on. No wind is strong enough to remove your cover, as long as you secure the flaps inside your car doors. If you’ve ever had problems before with your car door freezing shut, the Magnetic Windshield Cover also helps prevents that due to the flaps being shut inside.

Theftproof and Won’t Fly Away From The Wind

The anti-theft tuck-in flaps that close in your car door are tight and secure for protection making it theftproof. The lightweight yet sturdy rubber magnet lined fabric makes this cover appropriate for all-weather conditions including wind. As long as the flaps are buckled inside of your car, this snow cover isn’t going anywhere!

Easy Storage and Perfect for Winter Weather

Car Windscreen Snow Cover is flexible and lightweight at about 500 grams yet strong enough not to tear with its engineered 4-layer protection design. You can easily fold it into the included storage bag, store it in the trunk, or the rear of your vehicle. It’ll be your go-to absolute windshield cover for all weather conditions. It gives great protection and thick enough to stop hail from damaging your windshield. It provides an extra layer between hail, snow, frost, freezing rain, and other winter precipitation.


Material: PE foam + aluminum foil surface layer

Weight: 500 grams

Ordinary size: 125cm x 148cm

SUV Size: 130cm x 160cm

Package Content

1 x windshield cover

Storage bag-1 pc.

Shipping & Delivery

Due to the high demand for the car windshield snow cover, shipping will take 5-13 business days. We do provide a tracking code as well so you can check up on your delivery.

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Normal 125-148cm, SUV 130-160cm